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Udvikling og support

Kunde siden: 2018

“We have just completed our first project with 1902, and we are very satisfied with the process and the outcome ( It has been our experience that 1902 are professional and pleasant to cooperate with. Our project manager, Ryan, has been a rock steady, reliable and sympathetic point of contact during the project. In conclusion we are very satisfied, and we definitely recommend 1902.

1902 do have lower hour rates than our local alternatives, even if a small proportion of this benefit should be expected to be lost due to the challenges of communicating across time zones and different languages and without personal meetings. Never the less the communications and cooperation across time zones has worked remarkably well, which is partly because 1902 staff very often work during evenings hours, matching our time zone better. Also online meetings with screen sharing work very well with 1902. We appreciate that 1902/Ryan has been flexible about communicating via different platforms, instead of only the 1902-CRM-system.

During the project the communication has become increasingly easy and fluent, and my experience is that the initial phase of the project, with a proportion of less well-defined tasks, should be handled carefully from the client (our) side. Clearly defined projects and tasks are easier to cooperate on under the circumstances where communication is challenged by distance and language.

The only downside I, as the project manager on our side, would like to mention to 1902, is that the CRM-system has been somewhat confusing to use and to get to know. Perhaps the CRM-system is better for large scale projects, but for small web-projects like ours’, it seems that there are too many modes/channels for communicating and too many e-mail notifications (even if that can probably be managed in some preference settings). This complexity is perhaps the reason that I have found it somewhat difficult to keep track of the hours and money spent on individual part of the project.

In spite of this we look very much forward to continue working with 1902 and Ryan.”

Claus Bornemann